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My name is Chelsea. Thank you so much for stopping by. I am a twenty-something year old explorer who is obsessed with creating delicious recipes and seeing the world. I am currently living in Europe and experiencing the incredible food and culture at every opportunity.

My greatest passion is food and nutrition. When I am not exploring through travel, you can catch me in my small, central European kitchen, cooking something up with fresh ingredients from my local farmer's market. When I am not doing either of those things, chances are I am flowing through a yoga practice. 

On this blog, you will find travel inspiration, tips, and recommendations. You will also find healthy, simple recipes, and an occasional reflection on life abroad as a young, American woman.

Living abroad is tough and incredible all at once. Add on being a curious, twenty-something year old, and you have yourself a story that is worth following. Let's journey forward together on this road. I hope you stick around. 



Disclaimer: Some of my posts contain affiliate links. This means that if you purchase a product from a provided link in my site, I might make a little extra cash at no extra cost to you.